MTS-Sandei and Volvo Penta

Le 18/11/2016

MTS-Sandei enlists Volvo Penta’s help to power its largest new tomato harvester


Volvo Penta is supplying an 8-liter engine for agricultural specialist manufacturer MTS-Sandei, for its latest tomato harvester. The OEM’s new THV 800 model is the largest yet for the Italian company, with a capacity of 80 tons per hour.


The machine will be powered by Volvo Penta’s 8-liter TAD871VE engine and has been created due to industry demand for a higher capacity machine. It has been successfully field-tested by some of MTS-Sandei’s customers. The THV 800 is being previewed at EIMA International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition in Bologna, before its official launch in 2017.

“This is an exciting time for us to produce a new high capacity tomato harvester and to satisfy our customers’ demands,” says Andrea Zanoli, research and development and operations manager at MTS-Sandei.